5 Essentials For Nursing Moms

1) A Nursing Bra 

Wearing a nursing bra is significantly better than just buying a regular bra in a larger size because they were designed to maximize comfort and accessibility so you don't have to miss a beat to remove or unhook your bra. Other nursing bras feature fold-down cups that unclip from the bra's strap. Foldover nursing bras are designed to simply pull to the side in order to allow your baby to nurse. It's important to look for a style that you feel comfortable maneuvering one-handed!



Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra was designed to melt onto your body, and give you comfort unlike any you've experienced from a bra nursing or not. Featuring removable foam lining to hide breast pads or nipples, and seamless, buttery soft fabric which is virtually invisible under clothing. Cups drop fully away and are wire-free. One handed yet discreet nursing clips, and simple sizing that is perfect for your changing shape each step of the way.


The Seamless Lounge Nursing Bra is the ultimate comfy bra for the nursing mother. Knitted on special Italian circular machines so that there are no side seams, this bra offers medium support to be worn under our nursing tops during the day, but is also truly comfortable enough to sleep in.  Designed especially with the breastfeeding mother in mind, the back of the bra also features a cross-over design in order accomodate the change in breast size throughout the day and night.  
Even the bottom band of this nursing bra was designed and constructed for maximum stretch and recovery without being too constricting for those nursing mothers who are prone to mastitis.  
Special pockets on the inside of the bra comes with removable cups for wearing during the day. The pockets also allow you to tuck washable nursing pads into so they will stay in place while you sleep. 
Every detail of the Seamless Lounge Nursing Bra is designed to provide the most versatile use for the breastfeeding mother without sacrificing any comfort.


2) A Nipple Balm

It's not uncommon for nursing moms to experience dry, cracked nipples. The feeling is similar to chapped lips and is due to exposure to baby's saliva during nursing. For relief, it's important to choose an ointment that's safe for baby so you don't have to worry about washing it off before feeding baby again.


NEW! The perfect blend of Medical Grade Lanolin, Organic Coconut and Olive Oils, Organic Shea Butter and Calendula to relieve and soothe sore nipples. Safe when breastfeeding.

• No need to remove prior to breastfeeding.
• Soothes and protects sore, sensitive nipples.
• Makes a great rescue balm for lips, cuticles, elbows…

3) Nursing Pads 

New nursing moms can experience leakage, especially until they establish a consistent feeding schedule with their newborn baby. Until you find out, it's a good idea to use nursing pads to avoid any embarrassing leaks out in public and during the night so you don't wake up wet when you need your much needed sleep. At Ella Bella, we have a variety of washable, reusable pads made from hemp, silicone and bamboo...


Liners and Pads work together but are sold separately

The CupCake organic, washable nursing pad liners are made from hemp and are designed to fit perfectly into the CupCake nursing pad. The CupCake nursing pad liners will increase the absorption capability of the Nursing Pad toensure a dry leak-free experience. Ideal for the night and during periods of heavier flow keep your nursing pad liners handy.



LilyPadz® are a patented, innovative nursing pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone. The unique design of LilyPadz® maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that actually PREVENTS breast milk leakage. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and both you and your clothes stay dry!



Regular bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are unique because they don’t show through your bra. The Ultra-thin, heart-shaped pads are made for light leaking and less visibility and are made with a unique milk-proof backing to stop embarrassing leaks.

Bamboobies breast pads are made from super-soft and super absorbent bamboo, organic cotton and hemp which is an eco-friendly fabric blend. The heart shape contours to fit the breast better than the traditional round-shaped breast pads.
Compared to the cost of disposable nursing pads, Bamboobies reusable breast pads are also more economical over the long run. 
Why are Bamboobies a favourite among nursing mothers? They're the softest breast pad, they're leak proof, and they don't show through your shirt.

4) A Nursing Cover or Blanket

If you want to discreetly breastfeed your new baby, you'll appreciate having some type of nursing cover until you get the hang of it. Once you start feeling more comfortable you may not feel the need to constantly check on what your new baby is doing underneath your nursing cover, so then we suggest transitioning to a lighter scarf or muslin blanket. 


Bébé au Lait Muslin Nursing Covers are the lightest and super breathable breastfeeding covers. Made of premium, 100% open-weave cotton Muslin, they’re perfect for hot Summer days or for moms and babies who get warm easily.

Bébé au Lait Nursing Covers allow mom to maintain eye contact so they can continue to bond while breastfeeding on the go. The open neckline provides airflow and allows mom to see that baby is properly latched, which is key to breastfeeding success. Secure and adjustable, the neck strap holds the nursing cover in place, giving you privacy and confidence while breastfeeding, wherever you are.


The Booby Trapper Nursing Cover is a great accessory for the nursing Mom who wishes to be discreet. The patent-pending design makes it easy to see and care for your baby while nursing or even napping! Its lightweight, breathable fabric allows for great airflow and it’s large enough to act as a shade canopy for your baby. It creates a soothing, distraction-free space for napping in public places.



BEST SELLER! The Aden and Anais multi use muslin blankets come in handy when you are more comfortable nursing in public, but still wish to have a light cover up. The breathable fabric helps to reduce the risk of overheating, and the generous size makes covering up a cinch. Also, the more you wash these blankets the softer they become so they get better with age! You can also use these to cover your stroller, as a changing table cover, tummy time blanket and more. 

5) A Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is designed to help position your baby during breastfeeding. It helps to support baby's weight and is a welcome helper as your baby gets heavier to reduce strain on your arms and back. It fits around your waist and shapes to your body so baby rests on top of the pillow, facing you to nurse. 


The Original Baby Buddy Nursing Pillow was designed with a lactation consultant's help. It lifts the baby to reduce strain on mom's back, neck, shoulders and arms and allow for proper latch-on. Our Nursing Pillow is larger than most on the market. It is also very moldable to your body shape. It is made of 100% hypoallergenic polyfill and comes with a removable and washable nursing pillow pillowcase in your choice of fabric, colour or pattern. 
Having the right products does help make your time breastfeeding much more comfortable and less stressful. But one of the top reasons new moms stop nursing their new babies - is that they don't have enough support. First time moms often struggle with breastfeeding and their frustration can lead to an uncomfortable and short-lived breastfeeding experience. Don't give up! If your post-partum nurse does not offer you any breastfeeding assistance following your birth, after your delivery ask if there is a lactation consultant on the hospital floor who can assist you in learning proper breastfeeding techniques or make an appointment with a breastfeeding expert!


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