5 ways your breasts change during pregnancy

Your body goes through an endless amount of changes when it becomes host to a little one. Over the nine months that you house your small baby, your body will change, grow, and adapt in astonishing ways. If you are expecting your first baby all of the changes that you will go through are very new and foreign to you. One of the most evident changes will come in the form of your breasts. Yes, as you prepare to have your new baby and evidently prepare to breastfeed, your breasts will adjust in many different ways.

They Gain Weight

Just like your belly, your breasts will expand and grow along with it. This will cause a little bit of extra weight for you to carry around along with your little bundle of joy. They will get heavier and larger as your pregnancy flourishes.

To alleviate some of the weight that you will feel on your chest, try the Coobie Nursing Bra. This bra is designed to keep as much weight off of your shoulders and back as possible with the use of wider straps, and it is extremely comfortable.

They Leak Milk

Your breasts are preparing to be able to supply food for your baby when it is born. With that being said, this process starts midway through pregnancy. Don’t panic if you notice that you are leaking – It’s perfectly normal. This fluid is called colostrum. This is just your breasts way of getting ready to breastfeed. The Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra will help out with this issue once your little one arrives!

They Become Sore

This is going to remind you a little bit of your period when your breasts become tender and sore, except the feeling is going to last longer than 3-7 days. When you’re feeling uncomfortable try the Rachelle Nursing Bra. This bra comes equipped with supportive wireless cups, adjustable shoulder straps, and 6 different back closure options which give you the ability to loosen your bra if your breasts are becoming sore.

Your Nipples Enlarge

During your pregnancy, your nipples will get larger and become more defined than they were before. They may get darker and bumpier due to high levels of estrogen. The Silk Seemeless Nursing Bra works to make you comfortable and comes with fabric to hide nipples and molds to your unique shape.

They Have Noticeable Veins

The veins on your breasts will become more and more prominent as you progress through your pregnancy. Don’t panic. This is normal due to the increased blood flow to compensate for your baby and the visible veins should diminish after you give birth.  

Though your body may be going through immense changes, the outcome will forever outweigh the discomfort. Make sure to listen to your body and invest in products that help with your transition.


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